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196 years of combined experience, yet still seeking knowledge! In order to be an Instructor you first and foremost should be a student of the craft. In this picture there are Rangers, SEALs, SWAT Team leaders, Navy Para Rescue, and SWAT Medics. We continually search for the best information to serve our students.

Instructors - Gun Training Nashville & Murfreesboro - The OutPost Armory

Bill is the Rangemaster and Director of Training for The Outpost Armory. Prior to joining TOA he was a member of Mt. Juliet Police Department for 10 years with assignments in Patrol (Patrolman, FTO and Corporal), Narcotics and Special Response Team (Assaulter, Team Leader and Sniper). He remains a certified officer as a Reserve Deputy with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. Before entering Law Enforcement, he served 6 years in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting OIF and OEF as a Diplomatic Security Specialist where he provided Close Protection to US State Dept. Dignitaries including the US Ambassador to Iraq and Deputy Ambassador to Afghanistan as well as numerous members of Congress and the Executive branch. Bill held positions such as Detail Member, Tactical Commander and Shift Leader of both Close Protection teams and Tactical teams. Bill has a wealth of training experience having previously been a Senior Instructor for LMS Defense where he instructed Military, Law Enforcement and Civilians in the legal use of firearms and tactics and is an Adjunct Instructor at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy. Bill is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army. He has completed courses with Frank Proctor, John McPhee (SOB Tactical), Northern Red, Jamie Caldwell (1 Minute Out), Centrifuge, Pat Rogers (EAG Tactical), John Chapman (LMS Defense & Forge Tactical), Sig Academy, Tom Givens (Rangemaster), Blackwater, Triple Canopy, ALERRT, USCCA, as well as multiple SWAT and Patrol Tactics courses.


Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Red Dot Pistol Instructor, CQB Instructor, Tactical Officer Instructor, Low Light Instructor, Night Vision Instructor,  FOF Instructor, STOPS Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, E.R.A.S.E Instructor, PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Patrol Interdiction, IACP Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (Drug Recognition Expert), Advanced Roadside Impaired Driver Enforcement.


National Tactical Officers Association, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association, 75th Ranger Regiment Association,  Police Benevolent Association, United States Practical Shooting Association and the National Rifle Association, US Concealed Carry Association.

Murfreesboro & Nashville instructor help - The OutPost Armory

Sean is the range manager at The Outpost Armory Range. Prior to joining the team He has worked at Nashville Armory and On Target ranges as a retail sales manager and a firearms instructor. Starting as a NRA pistol instructor in 2004. He started his journey with NRA Range safety officer, Yavapai firearms academy (Louis Awerbuck) Tactical shotgun, Tactical carbine. Tactical Response (James Yeager) Tactical shotgun, Fighting rifle, Advanced fighting rifle, Fighting pistol, The fight (force on force), Immediate action medical, High risk civilian contractor, Wilderness survival, Bugout 101, North Alabama law enforcement training center Surefire low light, O.P.S Options for personal security (Andy Stanford) Urban rifle summit, Surgical Speed shooting


USCCA Instructor, NRA pistol, State of Tn Firearm instructor, Glock Armorer, S&W M&P Armorer, S&W M&P Shield Armorer. USCCA RSO, NRA RSO.



Murfreesboro & Nashville class instructor - The OutPost Armory

Troy a Senior Instructor for The Outpost Armory. Troy has served with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office for 24 years. Assignments have included Patrol, FTO, Criminal Investigations Detective, Mounted Patrol, Firearms Instructor, Training Officer and SWAT. He is currently serving as R.C.S.O.’s Range Master/Primary Firearms Instructor and has done so for the last 3 years. During his time with the S.W.A.T. team he has been assigned to Entry, Point-man, Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader, where he is currently assigned. In that time frame he has completed over 150 successful operations including narcotics warrants, high risk arrest warrants, barricaded/suicidal subjects and hostage rescue. Troy has a well-rounded history of training both law enforcement and military units. He has worked as a certified Firearms Instructor since 2000. Prior to joining OTG and the law enforcement community he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Middle Tennessee State University. He has completed courses with Haley Strategic Partnership in Handgun and Carbine Vehicle Darkness operations, Frank Proctor, Northern Red , John Chapman (Forge Tactical), Blackwater, National Tactical Officer’s Association, ALERRT, multiple SWAT and tactical response to Weapons of Mass Destruction courses.


N.R.A. Handgun/Shotgun Firearms Instructor, Select-Fire Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Tactical Firearms Instructor, Tactical Shotgun Instructor, Chemical Weapons Instructor, Less Lethal Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor, E.R.A.S.E. Instructor, CQB Instructor, SWAT Instructor and N.A.E.M.T. Law Enforcement First Responder.


National Tactical Officers Association, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Police Benevolent Association and National Rifle Association, Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, US Concealed Carry Association.

Murfreesboro & Nashville firearms training instructor - The OutPost Armory

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Murfreesboro & Nashville gun safety instructor - The OutPost Armory

Mike is a firearms and medical instructor for the Outpost Armory. He currently works as a Paramedic Shift Supervisor for Rutherford County EMS. He has worked with Rutherford County for 15 years and has been in EMS for 18 years. With RCEMS, he has been an FTO. He has been assigned to their special operations division, certified in rescue diving, swift water rescue, HAZMAT, both low angle and high angle rope rescue, vehicle extrication and a drone pilot. He has been a medic on the RCSO SWAT team for 10 years. He has completed courses involving tactical medicine, close quarter combat, hostage rescue, firearms courses and tactical response to Weapons of Mass Destruction courses.. He has completed multiple operations including narcotics warrants, high risk search warrants, barricades/suicidal subjects, and hostage rescue He is deputized through Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. He works with all law enforcement with in Rutherford County. He also teaches for the National Center of Biomedical Research and Training of LSU. With LSU he teaches a course called Active Threat Integrated Response Course (ATIRC). He teaches CPR and first aid. Mike has an Associates in Allied Health. He was in the Army National Guard and was deployed to IRAQ in 2005.


Instructor in CPR through the American Heart Association, Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) and Law Enforcement, First Response (LEFR) instructor through the National Association of Emergency Medicine Technician, Firearms through United States Concealed Carry Associations.


National Tactical Officers Associations, National Association of Emergency Medicine Technician, American Heart Association

Murfreesboro & Nashville gun instructor - The OutPost Armory

Justin is a law enforcement officer and an assistant instructor for OTG. Justin has served in law enforcement for 10 years with assignments as Patrol Officer, Crime Suppression Unit Detective, Special Response Team Leader and Commander. Justin is currently SWAT/SRT Member.

Justin is a certified Firearms Instructor, with 10 years’ experience, and a Ballistic Shield Instructor. During his time with the Special Response Team he completed many successful operations including narcotics warrants, high risk arrest warrants, high risk take-downs and barricaded/suicidal subjects. Justin has received multiple awards from his community, Tennessee Narcotics Officer Association and his Department


USCCA Instructor, TN POST Firearms Instructor, Safariland Ballistic Shield Instructor


Police Benevolent Association and National Rifle Association

Murfreesboro & Nashville training instructor - The OutPost Armory

Bud is a Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer at The Outpost Armory Range. Prior to joining The Outpost Armory team, Bud retired from Bridgestone, North America. Bud is also retired from the US Navy, where he served in a variety of roles including 3 years as Navy Law Enforcement Senior Petty Officer, Keflavik Iceland, Instructor at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes IL, 5 years as the Senior Boat Commander with Office Of Naval Intelligence / Defense Intelligence Agency, Rodman Naval Base, Panama. Conducted Inter Agency Counter Narcotics operations in Panama and the surrounding area. Bud also earned the US Navy Expert Pistol, and Expert Rifle Awards.


Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, American Red Cross First Aid and CPR.


U.S. Concealed Carry Association

Murfreesboro & Nashville instructor - The OutPost Armory