AR1 – Intro to Defensive AR

AR1 - Intro to Defensive AR

This class is introduces the skills needed when using an AR platform in a defensive scenario. This 2.5 hour class covers shooting from a defensive ready position, reloads, sight/optic offset, and recoil control.

- Law Abiding US Citizen

- AR platform that is zeroed at 25 yards or greater (available for rent)
Packing List:
- AR platform with iron sights or optic
- 3 magazines
- 1 magazine pouch or back pocket that will hold a magazine
- Modern fighting sling, preferably a 2-point sling
- 180 rounds of ammunition (can be purchased at the range)
- Close-toed shoes
- Ball cap (recommended)
- Long pants (recommended)
- Eye and Ear protection (available at the range for free)