About Us

Our First Location

The Outpost Armory opened its doors in 2009. Founded by firearm designer Chris Barrett and driven by a mission to provide a highly curated selection of the best firearms and accessories, presented by an uncommonly knowledgeable and friendly team. The Outpost Armory was instantly a favorite meeting spot for our customers who have become our long-term friends.

Murfreesboro & Nashville building - The OutPost Armory

Murfreesboro Location

The move to a new location in 2021 ushered in a new era with the addition of a world-class indoor range facility and a new team of expert instructors. The Outpost Armory will continue to offer our customers the selection and expert advice they have come to expect along with training that promotes safety, security and fun. Now Located at 1132 Beasie Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.

30 Miles From BNA Airport
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Franklin Location

In 2022 we were able to expand and open our 2nd store, this one located in Franklin, TN. We are extremely excited to offer a great selection of firearms, ammunition, and accessories to another customer base in middle Tennessee while remaining true to our core values of helping our customers with what they need and offering expert experience and advice. We look forward to many years in Franklin and meeting all the wonderful people in this beautiful city. Located at 1214 Lakeview Drive, Franklin, TN 37067.

About Outpost Armory

Team - Gun Training & Classes Nashville & Murfreesboro - The OutPost Armory

Our Team

We are exceptionally proud of the team we have assembled at The Outpost Armory. Our sales team is customer oriented and extremely knowledgeable. Each customer is treated with respect regardless of whether they are a new shooter looking to purchase their first firearm or a seasoned shooter looking for the newest addition to their collection. Our Range Safety Officers and Instructors are the finest you will find anywhere. Each RSO is certified and driven to the mission of ensuring every trip to our range is Safe, Fun and Educational. Our Instructors have over 100 years of combined experience in training everyone from first time shooters to Law Enforcement and Military. Most importantly we recognize that the most valued member of the Outpost Family is YOU the customer!

Safety Is Our First Priority

  • Each range is fully staffed with certified Range Safety Officers
  • Every RSO is certified by the USCCA in both Range Safety and Medical First Responder
  • Each range has state of the art ballistic walled shooting booths
  • Each range has a rubber trap bullet stop which eliminates bullet fragments coming back at the shooter

Our Missions And Values

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"LOVE this store and range. Exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. The ranges include great tech, ventilation, and lighting. The training staff is superb (highly recommend Morgan)...great selection to shoot/rent if you want to try some new things...the shop has loads to choose from and pretty friendly. In all, we grabbed a membership, some gear, and a new pewpew for my son. Keep up the good work, guys!"
- Ocean Life  
"I stopped by the new store last week for the first time and was very impressed! Huge selection of guns, ammo, and holsters. Went into the range side and WOW! The cleanest, nicest range I've ever been in! My wife and I were looking for information on the ranges, and training classes, and Cole, Bud, and Morgan, went out of their way to explain all of our options. They really made us feel welcome! My wife remarked later that you can really tell the difference when someone loves their job! We will definitely be back and are planning which classes to take."
- ben fujolkan
"I normally don't post reviews, but felt that I should put this out there. First, I really like the new store, they have a great selection of guns, ammo, mags, and accessories. Second, the Range. Wow! Very modern, clean, an actual Safety person inside the range, and everyone I spoke with was super professional and courteous. My wife and I signed my Daughter up for a "First Shots" class to help her get familiar with pistols. She took the class last week and had nothing but good things to say about the instructor and the instruction! Bud, her instructor, made sure she understood everything and was comfortable firing a gun for the first time, she shot a full box of 9mm and cant wait to go back! I dont remember all the names but everyone we dealt with went above and beyond. Thanks Guys!"
- Ron Shuct

Frequently Asked Questions

Online inventory and pricing is separate from in-store inventory. Not all items available online are available in-store. The majority of our online inventory is populated from an off site wharehouse and drop shipped.

After purchasing a gun from our site, simply contact your local FFL dealer and let them know you’d like to have a firearm shipped to them. They can email a copy of their FFL to info@theoutpostarmory.com – just make sure that they include your name and order number so we know who it’s for.

When's the best time to do this, and how do I do it?

Our Online Sales Department can be reached at (615) 867 6789 [x101] between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. You can also e-mail the Online Sales Department info@theoutpostarmory.com.

Once your firearm arrives at your FFL dealer, they’ll contact you. At this point, you can go there, complete your background check, and head home with your new firearm (Provided that your state does not have a waiting period on firearms).

Federal law states that we cannot ship a gun to your home, as background checks must be completed in your state of residence before you can pick up a gun.  Any gun store will have an FFL license, as well as many pawn shops and sporting goods stores.

Shipping Restrictions

Please see our Restrictions and Warnings to find out if we can ship a gun to an FFL dealer in your state

The Outpost Armory does not export ANY products, nor will we participate in a sale in which we suspect that the items may be going to another country.

Yes, but due to the many factors involved in taking in a used firearm, we will only do this if you personally bring your firearm in so that we can appraise it and determine if it's something we can re-sell.

Persons must be 21 years old to purchase a handgun, and 18 years old to purchase a long gun.

Please see our return policy section for information how to return an item to us. Cancelations and Returns are subject to a restocking fee once your payment has been processed.