DP3 – Movement and Cover

DP3 - Movement and Cover

Mobility and using cover intelligently is vital if you ever find yourself having to use a firearm to defend yourself or a loved one. Totaling 3 hours, our DP3 course asks students to be more dynamic, incorporating more movement as well as adding environmental factors to use as cover. This course is conducted entirely on the range, and continues to build on the skills learned in both DP1 and DP2.

Key Topics Include:
Carry positions
Shooting from a kneeling position
Shooting from behind cover
Shooting and moving/shooting on the move


Law abiding US citizen
Completion of both DP1 and DP2 or equivalent training (If you have questions, call or email the range)

Student packing list:
An open mind
Note taking material
Ball cap
Closed toe shoes (no sandals/flip flops)
Long pants
Knee pads (optional)
Reliable semi-automatic pistol (minimum caliber .380 ACP, no .22LR)
An appropriate holster (No SERPA style, behind the back, ankle, shoulder, cross-draw, or off-body)
Magazine pouch (optional)
Sturdy belt
3 magazines
200 rounds of ammunition