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We are more than just a gun store – we offer a friendly, helpful environment where both the beginner and expert can feel equally at home. You can always expect the highest degree of customer service from our Knowledgeable staff. We are always willing to guide our customers through the entire process of choosing, purchasing and providing the training to safely and effectively owning a firearm. The Outpost Armory is a place where potential and existing firearms enthusiasts feel at home!

Gun Training in Murfreesboro & Nashville - The OutPost Armory


This class is for the new or prospective gun owner. We will introduce you to firearms safety, gun selection, accessories, the fundamentals of marksmanship, loading/unloading, safe storage procedures and a brief overview of TN Law as it applies to the gun owner.

The Outpost Armory TN Enhanced Carry Permit Class covers the related laws, liability, legal use of deadly force, basic gun safety, safe storage and the steps needed to apply for and receive your TN State Enhanced Carry Permit.

DSF 1 is the next step in your personal defense firearms education. This class is designed for shooters who have completed a basics firearms safety class and/or taken their carry permit course and are looking to become more familiar with the skills required for everyday carry. During this 3 hour course, we will cover grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger manipulations, firing multiple/consecutive rounds, and striking a balance between speed and precision.

Do you carry a weapon daily? If you are prepared to make holes, you need to be prepared to plug them also. This 3 hour course is designed to give you the basic knowledge of to how to treat a variety of wounds whether its arriving at a car wreck or dealing with a chainsaw accident or treating victims of mass violence.

Pepper Spray is one of the most useful non-lethal tools available for self defense. In this 3 hour course, we will cover a variety of topics, including legalities of use/carry, tactics, history, chemistry, delivery systems, decontamination, and much more. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of training for pepper spray and is recognized Tennessee Private Protective Services which regulates Security Guards in TN.

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"I used the range last week at the new location, I brought my mother with me to try and get her to shoot. The range staff was very patient and helpful. Bud, one of the instructors explained several different firearms to us and suggested a few to try. He really helped my mom get over her nervousness and went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of, even helping me find a holster for my own pistol. Beautiful store and Outstanding range staff!"
- Jimmy Palmer 
"Great store, great indoor range, and FANTASTIC staff. I appreciate being able to use the 100-yard tubes anytime. I’ve also taken several classes already, and I love that I can practice holster draws indoors. They have a great selection of firearms to use when I want to try something new. Highly recommended "
- Tyler Durham 
"State of the art range, clean, super safe (99% of staff are former military), very informative and helpful on range, very friendly and great gun prices. We became gold members and bought couple guns so far. HIGHLY RECOMMEND"
- Noneya R

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