DSF 1 – Intro to Defensive Shooting

DSF 1- Intro to Defensive Shooting

DSF 1 is the next step in your personal defense firearms education. This class is designed for shooters who have completed a basics firearms safety class and/or taken their carry permit course and are looking to become more familiar with the skills required for everyday carry. During this 3 hour course, we will cover grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger manipulations, firing multiple/consecutive rounds, and striking a balance between speed and precision.

- Law Abiding US Citizen
- completion of First Shots or Carry Permit Course is recommended,
but not required
Packing List:
- Reliable Firearm
- 3 magazines
- 150 rounds of ammunition
- Ball cap (recommended)
- Closed-toe shoes (recommended)
- Long pants (recommended)
- Eye and Ear protection (available at the range for free)