The Defensive AR class teaches you how to properly utilize the AR platform rifle as a personal defense weapon. During this 4 hour class we will cover the basics of fighting with an AR-15. This class is full of quality time on the range. Learning to adapt a proper fighting platform, how to load, unload and reload, correct malfunctions, how to transition to your handgun, multiple target engagement, different ready positions and shooting on the move.

Key Topics Include:
Fighting Stance
Loading Procedures
Ready Positions
Transitioning from rifle to handgun
Shooting on the Move
Building a personal training plan

Law abiding US citizen or ITAR Approved person.
Defensive Pistol 1 or equivalent

Student Packing List:
An open mind
Note taking material
Closed toe shoes (No Sandals)
AR-15 platform rifle WITH SLING
3 magazines
Pistol or Revolver (minimum caliber .380 or 38 spl.)
Strong side belt holster (No SERPA Holsters) (AIWB is not recommended for this class)
Magazine Pouch (recommended)
Sturdy Belt
2 handgun magazines or speed loaders
400 rounds of Rifle ammunition (available for purchase at our range)
100 rounds of Pistol ammunition

Handgun Skills 1- The Draw
Law abiding US citizen.

Student Packing List:
An open mind
Note taking material
A reliable handgun
Gun Belt
2 magazines
Magazine Pouch
Handheld flashlight appropriate for fighting
Weapons Mounted Pistol Light (Optional)
100 Rounds of ammunition (available for purchase at our range)