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Handgun Draw

The Holster Draw Course is required for anyone wishing to draw from a holster while using the range facility (see exemptions listed below). The 1 hour course will focus on the safe and efficient way to holster up upon entering the range, drawing from the holster, presentation to target and re-holstering procedures. The class will also cover proper procedures for securing firearms and equipment after you have finished training. Additional topics covered will include: •Range procedures •Range safety •Firearm safety •Holster selection and placement •Safely and efficiently drawing and holstering firearm.

Exemptions: All active/retired Law Enforcement (must show current or retired I.D. Card) and graduates of our Level 1 or higher Handgun course.

* NO BLAKHAWK SERPA, Off Body carry (Purses), Cross draw, Ankle or Shoulder Holsters permitted in class or on the range. *


  • Law abiding US citizen.

Student Packing List:

  • An open mind
  • Note taking material
  • A reliable handgun (Rentals are available)
  • 50 Rounds of ammunition (available for purchase at our range)